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Quote: Originally Posted by Ty_walla View Post
The Chandrian is currently recruiting for 1 DPS for 16-man progression content when 2.0 releases.

I'll just copy/paste what the advertisement is for you.

<The Chandrian> is looking for 1 DPS for 16-man raid progression for 2.0. Currently farming 3/4 EC Nim. Attempting to farm Kephess. Focused on clearing high-level endgame content. Mon-Wed 8-11pm-est. Pst if interested.

We require that you submit an application on our website, run some content with you, and then determine if you are someone we are looking for. If you have any other questions, feel free to email Bawoni in-game. We have been server first on earlier content. Some of our WoW players have just made it back to Swtor after a pandaland detour. We will be pushing through the harder content when 2.0 drops. We are not all "nazi" in raids but we do require that everyone stay knowledgeable about their class, constantly improving their skill, and dependable when raids are scheduled. Thanks.

I assume your 3/4 EC NiM was in 8 man? Not 100% clear to me.

And just an FYI - you aren't attempting to farm kephess - you are attempting to kill him the first time - after you kill something the first time, then you begin working to farm. Farm specifically means that it is fairly easy to kill and reaches loot pinata status. Not meaning to sound snarky, if I am.