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04.03.2013 , 04:18 AM | #4
In my experience, wipes in this happen if a. The tank doesn't turn the boss and the whole team has to take whole sweeping gunfire, b. Dps ignore the adds, c. People stand at aoe, d. the healer doesn't have any balance on completing his heals vs. avoiding aoe. (I've actually had a commando healer who healed with nothing but hammer shots because he said he can't activate anything else before he has to avoid another aoe)

What makes this boss so hard may be that this the actually the first boss that actually require some tactics. I mean, other than staying out of aoe/backing up when cyclone-thing casts, everything on black talon, The Esseless and Hammer Station (before this boss) can more or less be done with kill them till they're dead-tactic, but this one can't.