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There are a couple things I find a little annoying. I am kind of wondering if anyone else does as well. Maybe if there are enough people that make mention it can get tweaked.

1.Reverse Engineering
Some crew skills can reverse engineer an item multiple times. The only way to know that you have exhausted the number of schematics for a particular item is by crafting an item and mousing over it to see if there is a chance for it or not. This takes a lot of unnecessary time and resources especially when going back and trying to find out what you still need to RE. I propose that you be able to mouse over the item in the crew skill menu before you make it and be able to know if there is a schematic that can still be learned from RE.

2. Sorting
When looking through the schematics I own, I always sort by level. Unfortunately this is not the default, difficulty is. After any loading screen or toon hopping it always goes back to sorting by difficulty. Does anyone even like sorting by difficulty? Once at max level is there really a need to sort by difficulty? I guess I am always making mods for my alts so I find sorting by level much more appropriate so I can spot the mods I need to make for whatever level my toons are. Not really a big deal here, just a pet peeve and a minor annoyance to always have to change the sorting. I wish there was a way to save my settings.
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