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I'm not talking about the 'offscreen' deaths. I'm talking about the onscreen ones where powerful Jedi Masters are caught completely offguard and gunned down by 3 or 4 troopers. Aayla Secura, Ki Adi Mundi, etc.

Made worse by the fact that Lucas has explicitly stated that there was no 'special programming' in the Clones of any kind, so can't pass it off as some kind of switch going off in their heads that the Jedi couldn't have predicted.
**** Lucas. The EU states they are specifically programmed from pre-birth to be 100% loyal to the supreme chancellor above anyone else. .

Also, Yoda for sure senses the deception before it happens.

In the book it does actually specifically state Obiwan didn't sense it though. So I guess all the Jedi in the movie except Yoda didn't either, since of all of them Obi is second to Yoda in force insight. Throughout the book he takes advantage of his ability to see slightly into the future, the novel actually does a great job of explaining how it works, so for him to not sense the betrayal means likely none of them except Yoda did. So yeah, dark side shroud at full force there.