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If you want to flirt with every female in sight, try Sith Warrior male.
Every female quest giver I've come across has given me some form of Flirting option.

And you get Vette and Jaesa. It's almost like the devs want everyone to be a male SW.
I know what you mean, lol. Luckily for me I knew nothing about the romances that came with the class when I chose it, instead I chose to be a juggernaut because I thought they looked the most awesome. I only really got interested in the romances when I had Jaesa (twi'leks really don't fit my idea of a suitable GF, sry) As I now have played multiple classes and seen their romances (male only) I can safely say my favorite by far has been the male Sith Warrior/Jaesa. I can see the devs had alot of fun writing that one...
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