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I would like to see a decent looking zabrak come along for the girls Preferably one that looks like maul...
I completely agree. Being female I want more choices and not only human, ok there is Aric. My trooper romances Aric, but I had more fun with Tanno. Ok, he isn't the greatest looking, but boy I had fun and he grows on you. Now I'm leveling a Sage and all I have it the LT Iresso. Boring! What about Zenith. Love the voice and is no nonsense ways. It would be fun to try and romance him. You know get past his guard. Another toon I have on the go is the Jedi Knight. Now Lord Scourge would be a blast to get. Sure we have Doc, but really I think even after you romance him he would give you up for a full length mirror, LOL.

You don't have to make it easy, Just make it intereesting. I think that would go for the same sex and males too. Not everyone has the same tastes and I know it isn't that easy to write scripts for so many story lines, but if it gets the people interested it would be better for Bioware to keep us coming back for more.