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If you look at how big the window is that Nihilus was looking out of, I'm not sure that anyone on the bridge would survive...

As for others getting into the bridge, it appears there is more than one window that can be broken to throw people into space.
That's a Centurion-class cruiser. The windows of an Interdictor are considerable smaller. See here. And even if everyone did get pulled out, the alarms/commotion would alert others to a breach.

I fail to understand your next point, for the record the Interdictor is actually pretty windowless at least around the bridge area. And of course, those windows will seal up soon after they are broken.

EDIT: Just a thought I had concerning the Bao-Dur scenario: after discovering the presence of the HK factory either from the droids or simply from the Czerka/Exchange presence their, Traya will find Bao-Dur and have him interrogated Sith style, to which he will likely break and spill. Upon learning of his importance Traya may 'allow' him to be recaptured when G0-T0 tries to take the facility and Bao-Dur back, his two most valuable assets. Of course she'll be tracking him and he'll go straight to G0-T0's yacht if the Exchange bases on the ground have been compromised.