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You didn't read a word I said did you...
  1. The HK Units are entering the ship through the bridge by blasting a hole in the transparisteel windows with high explosives.
  2. The HK units are sending a coordinated strike command via a comm burst to make sure that all their attacks occur at the same time (kinda hard to respond to a distress signal when it hasn't been given yet). They are not attacking just when they first get into position, they are waiting until all units are in position to launch the strike...
  3. Breath masks will not work in hard vacuum, you need full spacesuits otherwise the Sith is going to explode and die horribly in space. It isn't just the lack of air that will kill one, it is the pressure difference.
  4. The assualt droids (which I will admit is a new item you brought up), can probably be completely taken off line from the bridge (or reprogrammed from the bridge).
  5. I don't think stealth will be particularly effective, main reason is that anyone that survives would have to be in a full space suit, which the space suits of that era were not exactly built with either stealth or combat in mind.
  6. Last I checked the hyperspace controls and navi-computer are both on the bridge, after seizing the bridge and venting the rest of the ship, the captured ships can be taken to some other location to be cleared at G0-T0's leisure
  7. Why would the interdictors be by themselves (all they affect is hyperdrive operation so I fail to see what they will accomplish when the hijacking is occurring in normal space), unless you are expecting this kind of a hijacking, having the interdictors not being protected by the fleet is extremely foolish.
I did and took everything into account.

  1. Yup, and a few seconds after they'll automatically seal up. Those close will get sucked out, but those further away and the Sith will not, and the HK's have to kill them to access the bridge.
  2. I meant reinforcements from inside the ship, those directly outside the bridge will hear and then see the commotion and alert everyone that the bridge is under attack.
  3. That is true, however droids do.
  4. Probably, but they have to get control of the bridge first.
  5. Also true.
  6. True, but that makes no difference. Eventually they are going to go to Malachor V, yet Traya will then be even more prepared.
  7. I don't see your point. What do they need protection from? G0-T0's vast navy? All Traya needs is a force large enough to pull some freighters out of hyperspace and blast them out the sky, two is more than enough for this purpose. One would suffice. There purpose is to prevent ships from reaching Malachor V.

Concerning reaction time. Yes every ship is being attacked at the same time. But unless the HK's kill them immediately they have enough time to telepathically warn Traya, call for reinforcements from the rest of the ship etc. etc. They will not die instantly. And when I said 'as for your other points' I was reffering to points you made outside the 'capture ship' scenario. Rakatan tech may also throw a spanner in the works when attempting to hack the ship if its locked down.

Concerning Jekk'Jekk Tarr, OK, so everyone would die except the Gand. Who will then be slaughtered by the the remaining Sith and Sith assassins, or be killed beforehand in plasma explosions. And like I already said, the poisons don't affect skin, they are only deadly when you breath them in, hence why Meetra only used breath control to defend against them. A breath mask would work. I even know the gases circulating about that place, cynagonen and ammonia, look them up they don't affect the skin.

And finally, I really don't think G0-T0 is going to be able to get hundreds of smugglers and bounty hunters on board simply because the Sith are laying waste to Exchange bases. Most likely they will be scared away by the prospect of fighting an invisible opponent that wields the force that even the Exchange can't stand up to.

P.S. Some vessels had force fields on the windows see TFU, the Interdictor may not have force fields but it will have some sort of seal up device, all ships did.