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And also. I was in a pub guild that starts with a 'W'. I joined a group and jumped on their voice chat. They were queue dodging to get an 8man premade. I said "Are you kidding me?" and /gquit.

If you want to get better at pvp, you shouldn't tolerate your guild doing this kind of thing. It isn't cheating, you're just being robbed of ever having to fight an uphill battle.
It is always an uphill battle when the infamous sith three are on the opposite side.

Okay, I wasnt sure what you meant by que dodge, I saw something similar on the Ebon Hawk but it was different, the people were talking in a vent on whether or not the que popped, if it did for the group then they went in, but if it was for only four then they just declined. I agree I hate it also... but then again, it saves me from having to see people calling others names for bad pug groups, since the name callers are the ones usually leaving.
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