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And also. I was in a pub guild that starts with a 'W'. I joined a group and jumped on their voice chat. They were queue dodging to get an 8man premade. I said "Are you kidding me?" and /gquit.

If you want to get better at pvp, you shouldn't tolerate your guild doing this kind of thing. It isn't cheating, you're just being robbed of ever having to fight an uphill battle.
Why try and put the effort into getting better when one can get easy wins? After all it's all about winning and flaunting one's e*****. Or maybe it's all about being too lazy to take on a challenge and avoiding butt hurt.

Seriously though, I completely agree with your last statement and wish more people would strive to challenge themselves and improve their skills. All the steamrolling, whether being on the receiving or delivering end, just gets boring and leaves little to no chance for me to improve and gets really boring.
No plans for PvP...So, I have no plans to invest anymore money into this game.

Waiting for Wildstar