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Pretty much full 61, you should be doing ~1.7-1.8k, fully optimized raiders would put parses up at 2k. And yes you have too much crit, a little too much surge, pull a few crit modifications, 1 surge one, and put in some power.
Very hard to get 2k dps parse on a dummy in MM spec, not parsed on dummy since I got all my gear, but 1.9k is doable.

Surge is fine, there's nothing to replace it with except for Alacrity.

Dropping crit rating between 250-350 seems to be the sweet spot for MM, either end of that doesn't seem like a DPS difference.

Depending on the boss fight, 1.4k is good in full BH. If we take Firebrand/Stormcaller as an example, this is around what I did at the time in similar gear. Now in EC NiM and fully optimized I can reliably pull 1700+ DPS on this fight, partly because I know it so well.