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Ill also mention that I disagree with loot being awarded on damage done simply because this would favour the DPS beyond reason, and leave the tank (who draws the most fire, but in trade off does smaller amounts of damage) with little chance of gaining loot. Also the main reason people want loot? To upgrade there gear to do better damage, shielding healing etc :P

Have to agree here my main is a healer and will only tickle mobs with her dps if she has time,so going on the damage idea she would get zero loot.

You know I don't really think there would be any way to sort this issue out unless BW decide to rewrite the hard core of the loot system and each player gets there own loot and no one sees it or can loot it,similar to GW2 but that would be a major overhaul of the whole game and cost prob as much when the game was created lol.

Only thing I can think of and I hate doing it at the moment is say before we even start no needing for companions unless no one wants it and no need on items you can't use unless asked first,make sure I get an agreement from all parties and away we go if not I leave the group or vote kick player I just have had enough of it ruining my enjoyment which I pay for ,problem with this is players not understanding or have a good understanding of English
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