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03.13.2013 , 03:44 AM | #75
I can see a certain amount of merit in your suggestion, however I still disagree. Taking away my ability to need an item simply because it falls outside my main stats would frustrate me.

I primarily play with a group of friend plus one person found through group finder, and having the option to ask in general chat 'anyone mind if I need this for my comp' and being able to need after receiving the ok makes my life much easier than attempting to contact a group member after a roll has been won.

Instead I would like to second the notion of a 'companion' button, and ask that hover descriptions be added when you pass over each option. (E.g. Need: Press for items that will upgrade your character, 2. Greed: Select for items that have useful components or if required for a companion, Disassemble: Select to dismantle an item and revive components, perhaps a tip could be added down the bottom too? Something like: Tip ask in general chat to need an item for your companion, if the group agrees proceed) something like this would take away the oh so convenient 'I didn't understand what the buttons meant' and help the new guys who have no idea what this system means.

Ill also mention that I disagree with loot being awarded on damage done simply because this would favour the DPS beyond reason, and leave the tank (who draws the most fire, but in trade off does smaller amounts of damage) with little chance of gaining loot. Also the main reason people want loot? To upgrade there gear to do better damage, shielding healing etc :P

N'way that's just my thoughts on the subject.