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03.12.2013 , 04:12 PM | #71
Seems to me we should rename this thread "No-one likes the Loot System for Groups"?

I have to say, as a relative newcomer to MMO type games but a veteran of many other dungeon crawl loot-em-ups I first learnt the term "loot ninja" the hard way: in SWTOR by being accused of it myself! At the time it was a genuine mistake, i was still learning the rules of what kit I needed, let alone what "need" or "greed" was. I have to say, getting kicked from a group when I was so new to a game was a tough way to learn and that kind of reaction put me off grouping for MONTHS and nearly off the game altogether. All you guys getting an annoyed about "ninjas" need to remember we all gotta learn somewhere. I've had some better experiences since, and tbh I take the Easy Come Easy Go approach to all in this game now; there'll always be something better along in a minute. If I get no loot, so be it. Happens in single player too sometimes.

My solutions:

1) Drop the buttons, the system allocates loot and gives the best to those who contribute most to a kill - thou for a Healer some credit for actually healing too! Nothing for players to grief about now...

2) New Player / Tutorial Group Content: we haven't all spent 15 years doing MMOs. Got to learn somewhere. In SWTOR its bad enough in Heroics. The idea of a Level 50 Operation scares me to death, even after having got one character to that level. I get the impression non-experts = not welcome?