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Nice parse.

I see you did it on fleet, too lol.

Your crit was rather high tough. Lucky streak or running a crapload of it?

And might help the OP to mention itemnization etc.
Yea I used the one I did on fleet since if I would link a bossfight, it wouldn't help OP as much since almost all bossfights are different in terms of jobs/positioning/AoE and other stuff. Regarding crit, when running the hybrid you need about 40% to have a healthy energy regeneration since the specc is very heavy on your energy management, more crits = more energy. Na it wasn't really a lucky streak nor did I do a crapload of parsers, it would say that I am normally around that amount of crit, give or take a few %.

Stats I am aiming for:
300 Surge
346 Crit
300 Accuracy
and rest of the points I have placed in power, I am also using the Dread Guard Relic of Boundless Age as well as the Dread Guard Relic of Dark Radiance, also used Exotech Stim/Adrenal as well as all buffs, farmed all datacrons etc.


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