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I am referring to the leveling process, not level 50, also, i do not do pvp, its too boringly predictable to hold my interest, i was referring to armorings at level 31 or 21 even 11, being sold for like 5k to all the way up to 20k each and its totally overpriced.

The Crafters that overprice things as much as they do really do need to stop thinking short-term and think long-term.
The reason the armoring/mods are priced so high are because of the tedium of acquiring the required underworld metals, the missions for them show up sparsely and hardly give enough metals. Here is another little tip: those expensive mods you see? They are overkill for leveling, they practically make it face rolling. As a new player leveling with quest gear, heroic mission gear and flash point gear is more than good enough. Your view of "overpriced" is flawed and you should not comment on it when you obviously don't know what you are talking about.