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Well, I won't be the one to flame you! I agree that the items that are out there are insanely over-priced as a rule. Whether materials or items, they are just outrageous. That's why I don't feel bad "under-cutting" other sellers by offering my goods for a price that covers the cost plus gives me enough profit to cover some indirect costs such as reverse engineering. I don't expect a single sale to cover all my sunk costs up to that point, though. A group of sales certainly will, and that's really the point.

I don't know why anyone would want a whole pile of credits sitting around doing nothing. IT'S A GAME! The unspent credits don't do any good, so put the darn things to use!

Which crafting skill is it that lets one make mods? Perhaps that's the one I should choose for my next character so I don't have to rely on there being another reasonable merchant out there like me.
I believe its cybertech that makes the armorings and mods, while Armstech makes the barrels and Artifice makes the hilts and enhancements.