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Same here. Underworld metal just doesn't come up very often. I find that if I neglect things like companion gift missions, I get fewer options outside of gifts, and most of those are "moderate yield," which are mostly a waste of time unless I'm about to log off anyway. If I cycle a couple of the gift missions out, the queue tends to refresh with some of the more desirable metal missions.
Not sure what causes missions to come up as the do (RNG?), but I almost always have at least 2 comps running metal missions.

Was watching Game of Thrones last night while waiting (and hoping) for GF to pop and was running crew missions while idle - had both Gault and Torian running metal missions pretty consistently, at one point even had Blizz doing it as well. True, sometimes all missions will be gifts or fabric, but once I run one of those usually Metal ones come back.

On JC server, blue and up mods are between 20-50k depending on stats - so there might be creds to be made doing it, but I got a bit soured on crafting from SWG (damn best on server mats that never ever show up again) and then pre-Cata WoW (crafting was just dull to me and kinda tedious)