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Quote: Originally Posted by Nyysjan View Post
Actually, i have 381 Crit Rating, 402 Surge Rating and 511 Power Rating.
I have been moving away from Surge/Crit and stuffing more points into Power though.

Also, i'm using the SWMonitor ingame parser, tried using ACT, but never could get it to work, tried MOX parser, didn't like it for some reason.
Haven't tried any offline parsing since i was in Rakata (and Rakata was the best gear around) when i was doing 1,1 to 1,2k dps in a good fight (against a dummy)
Ok, there is something strange here. I checked my exact stats on my sniper, and you should have more than that.

Currently I'm mostly in tio/columni, altough I used comms on two of my character to transfer a good itemnization of those, with one BH (gloves), 63 barrel and WH offhand.

My weapons help me, but I shouldn't be able to outdps a full rakata sniper assuming same rotation.

My stats are currently:

298 crit
1808 cunning (still unaugmented, its on tomorrow's planning ) exostimmed
660 power

Crit % : 37,80
Bonus tech damage : 840

Surge rating : 340
Acc rating 178

Acc : 96,91 (without taking MM skill when prefering cull damage to it)
Crit damage : 77% (forgot decimals)

I have even with lesser quality mod more power/crit than you, so I'd suppose you have many low power/crit high cunning mods, maybe some high endurance enhencement (my hp is a few points shy of 17k buffed). I do have some level 40 augment that gives me 20 power 8 crit overall (the 8 crit is a level 23 augment =D) but you should still have more than I do.

I also just parsed and I hit 1485 on the dummy, altough i made a few minor mistakes energy wise on that spec (delayed a cull twice due to that, and one fired with CD running off after first tick)

So I'd say check your mods, 1st.

If its not that, check your spec (put it up there if you want us to check)

And lastly, it could be a rotation issue.

But from what I see, you probably have some not that good mods in there.

As said, I'm in tio/columni but used legacy gear to transfer over some mods, and the result was probably the sole min/maxed TIO sniper on my server when I hit 50 :P

Edited the log for TORparse, so you can compare your % maybe.

SOme note :

-my spec is a lethality/eng hybrid, exact spec being :

-Pre-cast of Orbital strike, like I normally do on raid (tank countdown 4-3-2-1 where we all have fun preloading an attack) This is the explanation of the very high burst at start.

-slowed dps a tad bit near the end by delaying IP to time it with the poisons in prevision of combatexit.

-Parse is edited so last attack is effectively combatexit (changed time on combat exit to match)

-self-buffed with a universal buff (altholic power!)

-Exotech cunning stim on.

-No adrenals (altough I guess its rather obvious from the total lack of bump in the dps curve)

Also I do consider it, upon uploading a fairly lucky parse:

-High crit rate on ambush, no miss (slightly offset by OS and IP being a bit more stubborn tough, but still)

At any rate, I put that up there to show it is not just number out of my hair.

I found pure lethality to parse roughtly 100 dps behind this (I'm still at dummy run and SM ops with it, since I make too many mistake for my taste with it still) but the potential is certainly there. This is by far the best results I've seen with the gear level I have.

I'm very enthousiastic about seeing what the class can do, and I hope I'll be able to gear it fast enough to beat 2,0 going live with it.

Try to make one here, I'll parse pure lethality tomorrow night after work and you can check with your numbers how it compares.