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You have way too much crit I think. Even without the bonus you have around 39%, which makes me think you probably have a rating around 450-500.

Drop about 100-150 crit for power and you'll see a dps increase.

Also, parse on the dummy. You'll see how much blunt dps you do when unaffected by movement and such. Depending on which parser you use, 1,4k can be more or less a conservative number.
Actually, i have 381 Crit Rating, 402 Surge Rating and 511 Power Rating.
I have been moving away from Surge/Crit and stuffing more points into Power though.

Also, i'm using the SWMonitor ingame parser, tried using ACT, but never could get it to work, tried MOX parser, didn't like it for some reason.
Haven't tried any offline parsing since i was in Rakata (and Rakata was the best gear around) when i was doing 1,1 to 1,2k dps in a good fight (against a dummy)
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