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I've got 2 tanks, 1 healer and 1 DPS that I play regularly as well as 1 more of each that I don't play regularly.

When it comes to queuing I tend to only really queue with guildies and I usually queue on my tanks since that's what's usually needed. The upside of that is when I do feel like running on my DPS guildies tend to swap to a tank alt for me. Main reason I don't outright PUG is that PUG tanks are notoriously bad, and I say that as someone that knows how to tank. Most tanks I run with (TBH that includes guildies) can't hold threat over my VG DPS even when I give them a good lead.

Its to the point that most of the time I just end up tanking on my DPS (and letting the healer know that) unless its a fight were that would cause issues. I know as a tank it's not *HARD* to hold over a DPS that's hitting 2500 DPS, its not easy, but its not hard. I know as a tank that you can mitigate more through interrupts than gear in most encounters and yet I see tanks ignoring that all the time. I know as a healer that most FP boss damage is pitifully low and I can spend most of my time DPSing. I know as a DPS that I can kill most FP bosses before my Power relic runs out, or I can hold back and take twice as long so the tank keeps aggro. I also know (and here's the real kicker) that the only reason you need a full group is to make group finder pop.

With all that said, I can 2 man most FPs with any combination of roles. 3 man makes it easier. 4 DPS is actually the hardest combo but still entirely possible and often the fastest and most entertaining runs. With the current state of gear tanks and healers are necessary for HM FPs. All the healer does is turn a DPS race into a battle of attrition and largely the tank keeps everyone else safe but slows down the group. Given that stock DTPS is easily healed through with current gear, if I can play a DPS like a tank, keep aggro through high DPS and control damage through stuns and interrupts, why shouldn't I queue as a tank?

Disclaimer: I'm not saying that everyone should queue as a tank. I *KNOW* what I'm doing and largely, FP and trash tanking mitigation is more about stuns and interrupts than gear. I'm saying don't immediately discard a tank in DPS stance, talk to them first and give it a couple of pulls. If they suck, kick them and pull out a comp.
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