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Well, i think there are some things bioware did wrong, but the most interesting part is focusing the blood of online games: the casual gamers.

You did not add a raid finder, because hardcore gamers didnt like it. You did not add a good dungeon finder at start, because hardcore gamers didnt like it.

You are listening to the forums way too much which are being crowded mainly by nolifers, who would like the game for themself and noone else. You targeted the complete wrong audience from the start.

Today i am going to cancel my subscription. And i dont think i will ever return, as your politics in this game and your targets are just quite wrong.
Google translate ftl.

They didn't add a GF when the game launched because BioWare didn't want us to become the robots of WoW who are just, "group up and shut up." Though, through popular demand they eventually added GF, but they didn't make it X-server so that people won't act like arses and suffer no consequences because they were on a different server.