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Quote: Originally Posted by DarthBama View Post
At the present time, is it more effctive to run with DPS gear in this spec?
Personally I would run pure tank gear with this spec. It is a pure tank spec, not designed for high damage. Nor is it a stellar 1v1 spec like 23/1/17 or 27/0/14. It is designed to main tank.

Quote: Originally Posted by stephenalandavie View Post
While i still think we will be off node guarding i do find shadows to be the number 1 tank on the PTS hard to tell but their are threads with figures which state as such. Seems as our DPS trees are messed up i think its only fair we at least have the most survivability.
It pleases me to hear this, as my favorite part of shadow was tanking. We'll see if that is enough for people to select Shadows over Guardians for main tanks in 2.0
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