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You have way too much crit I think. Even without the bonus you have around 39%, which makes me think you probably have a rating around 450-500.

Drop about 100-150 crit for power and you'll see a dps increase.

Also, parse on the dummy. You'll see how much blunt dps you do when unaffected by movement and such. Depending on which parser you use, 1,4k can be more or less a conservative number.
...this. It is my issue as well. My crit was over 40. You want your crit to be around 30 base. You want your power to be around 1k. It's the reason in full rakata gear I can't get my dps above 1200. All the pieces have crit on them and that's only necessary to around 300-350 crit rating or 30%. Power and surge much more important once your at 30%. The trouble is, I want to retool my gear, but I'm so damn broke, and I'm not making any money except for dailies so it makes it hard for me.