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I heard this a while ago but I don't think it's true, but I heard there is some crazy thing called, "crafting."
Well, players tend to not craft since they can't see a good profit in it and when i say profit, they tend to mean 100k per item.

They just don't get it that crafting isn't about just endgame only, its about the whole 9-49 as well, but they just think its a waste of credits and resources when it really is worth it, i mean, you MIGHT get enough commendations for your own gear needs, but not your companions' gear needs and right now, the mods and gear themselves that are crafted are just majorly overpriced, sepending 5-10k on each armoring is insanely stupid.

I know crafters need to make a profit, but it seems like that majority of the playerbase that does craft have thrown away the profit and just go for greed and they wonder why its not worth it to craft at all and just go for biochem. lol

I have suggested this idea numerous times, yet it seems to be ignored, this will indeed be the last time i try to help the community out, because it surely just gets me flamed into oblivion.