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Well seeing as how a DPS should be worried about damage output and not their defensive cooldowns, I don't see the issue here.

As an advanced class with a tank tree, you'll gain some naturally tank like abilities, however their effectiveness is usually improved via the tanking skill tree. The DPS trees of the Tank classes do usually have 1 or 2 passive skills that you can invest some points into, in order to make up for the time length for the cooldowns on some their defensive abilities.

However, Heavy Armor does a lot for damage mitigation. Try checking the % of Damage Reduction that you get from your armor next time you play on a DPS with Med, or Light armor, and then compare that to you a DPS that uses Heavy Armor.

Either way, if you're playing DPS, then worry about killing things FASTER. Not SURVIVING. Your Survival will be guarantee'd at end game if you let the tanks do their jobs.
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