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My marksmanship sniper is in full blackhole setup (except belt is rakata, gloves/relic dreadguard, one relic from color crystals, every item has a purple +cunning augmentation)
2244 cunning
Damage (primary) 1061 - 1158
Bonus Damage 623.2
99.70% accuracy (109.70% tech attacks)
41.87% crit change
78.48% crit multiplier
My dps hovers around 1,4k in an average hm ops boss fight.
No matter what i try, can't seem to get it higher, i see some people claiming 1,7k dps parses on dummy, but i just can't get it past where i am now for some reason.
You have way too much crit I think. Even without the bonus you have around 39%, which makes me think you probably have a rating around 450-500.

Drop about 100-150 crit for power and you'll see a dps increase.

Also, parse on the dummy. You'll see how much blunt dps you do when unaffected by movement and such. Depending on which parser you use, 1,4k can be more or less a conservative number.