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Hey I am from the server Begren Colony. Let me congratulate you on that parse. Its the highest I have yet seen for merc/commando. Would you be willing to discuss your spec and/or gear with me. It seems I can not make any more improvements on my 2K parse.
Hey there, thank you for the sentiment.

I can't say I'm doing anything groundbreaking in the spec and stat department, but here's how I'm set up:

Build: 6/31/4

Aim: 2446
Power: 899
Accuracy: 300 (100.27%)(110.27% Tech)
Crit: 261 (38.3%)(39.48% Tech)
Surge: 300 (76.28%)

Relics: Dread Guard Relic of Kinetic Tempest & Dread Guard Relic of Boundless Ages

2k is pretty solid, it's a rarity that I hit 2.1k, but i can often get in the 2050 range when things are going smooth. Let me know how your build and stats stack up.