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You mention that the UI for healers in TOR is terrible in comparison to the one for WOW. Out of curiosity, what is different about it? Does it make healing in TOR harder than you would expect? I guess my basic question is:

"Do you not like healing in TOR because it is too easy, or too difficult?"
I think the biggest difference is the lack of modability. While I realize that it can be difficult to write your game with customization in mind, I feel that given the history/success of WoW and other MMOs that came before ToR, they would have had this in mind. Granted, I didn't play when ToR released and I know that there was a UI update back in 1.2 so perhaps they did take that into account back then.

So, current gripes right now
  1. No option to remove buffs. I don't need to know that people have their class buffs on, I don't care if they've got stims/adrenals/procs. All I want to know is if they have a debuff and since buffs/debuffs are the same size, it becomes very difficult to tell in the myriad of icons that litter their box even with how large I have set my ops frames.
  2. I cannot remove portraits from self, target or group frames. I really don't need to see a 2d portrait when I can just look at the 3d model. It's taking up room that I'd rather be using to watch for ground effects.
  3. Quickslots. I can't completely hide a bar and still have it enabled. Yes, I have tried turning down the alpha to 0 and making it tiny and sticking it in a corner somewhere, but I still end up seeing it and have once or twice clicked on something from it on accident. This is more of a personal thing.
  4. Click casting/macros. Nothing. No support here. Hell, even some chat commands like /target aren't even available. I realize that you could say this is a luxury thing but simple macros like a /target=focus /cast CC are a beautiful thing. Also for various spells. Could help with action bar clutter too.

Okay, so mainly 1 and 4 are the biggest issues that "hinder" my play. I guess another thing could just be moving from a priest in WoW (think sage in ToR) to a paladin pre-AoE buffs(commando). Trying to relearn how to keep a group alive when I'm very much a single-target healer using some bass ackwards resource system is tough, I'll say. Resources is another thing that makes it difficult. Since all healers in WoW used mana (essentially Force, but much larger pools and slower regen) moving to this 12 Ammo pool is just...strange. I cope with it and have been getting better, but sometimes it's just frustrating. I'm glad to hear that they're at least normalizing troopers and moving them to a base-100 ammo system similar to BHs.

So, in my limited FP/Ops experience (EV/KP HMs and all FP HMs) I'd say that content-wise, healing's roughly same, just slightly more difficult mainly due to the debuff thing in the ops frames. (I actually did just realize that I can turn on health text in the ops frames, herpderp)

As to your second point, let me rephrase that and say that "I get tired of it" and I'm sure others do too. Now, you could say "just roll dps or tank," truth be told I would have rolled tank but I leveled with a friend (who isn't playing anymore) and he wanted to tank but then we hit 50 and he hated tanking so there's that. And while I love DPSing on my commando, I have that personality where'd I'd rather just suck it up and heal so I can actually see content and then complain about healing occasionally later. I also take pride in the fact that I'm a good healer. Yes, tooting my own horn, but, after healing top-end progression content for years in WoW, you learn to pick up a few things that other, newer healers haven't learned yet.

I also believe that some of my more recent frustration is trying to heal undergeared groups through Lost Island GFQ. I realize that the Xpac is right around the corner...but that doesn't mean that you should be waltzing in to LI with some greens/blues still, having only 500-1k more hp than your healer as a tank (or less as a dps). It says on the GFQ that LI should be attempted in mostly Columi-level gear for a reason =/ I guess, partially due to F2P and partially due to it being Star Wars, there are also a lot more new people to MMOs then I though. Perhaps could also be the fact that I'm getting older and more young people are starting to join them too.