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Quote: Originally Posted by Obirayy View Post
Wow dude... You really need to wait for the rest of your team before you reply to 1 message that's directed at you. It's pretty much a slap in the face to everyone else. The way I see this comment is... 'We are going to ignore people who are complaining about their problems with the game' so you just go and answer the joke question that means nothing. What if Claprica also asked 'what is happening with the APAC servers?' Would you just ignore his post completely?
Hey Obirayy,

As a note, Amber meant no offense by her post so please do not take it that way. One of my goals with the community team is to have us be more human and less robotic to all of you. Sometimes, that means that we are going to make posts that aren't 100% serious and are even going to try to joke around with the community. This is something I honestly thought the community would want from us, maybe I was mistaken.

Since last week when our transitions happened we have made a very distinct effort to respond to almost all of the current, major pending issues in the community. In some cases, I know those answers haven't always been exactly what people are looking for (like APAC) but at the least we could reconfirm that we know there is an issue and are trying to resolve it. I would even ask that you take a look at the dev tracker to see things we have responded to over the past week, we have covered quite a bit

So again, apologies if you felt her post was offensive or a "slap in the face", our intent is to be actual people to all of you. Not just robots who post in yellow.

I also implore that if you know of a major issue, something that we haven't addressed in some way, that you bring it to our attention. You can even PM me about it, we aren't trying to ignore anyone.

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