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Hi Claprica,

Before I respond to your question, let me say that I like the allusion in yours! o/''\o

There are so very many "2/3rds of a stoplight jokes" out there regarding my name. >.< I actually remember the first time a "red" comment was made to me: one of my friends in the second grade told me that their mom asked if I had red hair. I was confused, and then she told me I'd be a stoplight.

One of QA guys in the office calls me "Colors", too. I happen to like it.
Wow dude... You really need to wait for the rest of your team before you reply to 1 message that's directed at you. It's pretty much a slap in the face to everyone else. The way I see this comment is... 'We are going to ignore people who are complaining about their problems with the game' so you just go and answer the joke question that means nothing. What if Claprica also asked 'what is happening with the APAC servers?' Would you just ignore his post completely?
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