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It's certainly Hope for me. I immediately fell in love with the twen Satele - her entry was just gorgeous, I love romantic world of Alderaan, I love the resolve of the troopers... I used a scene of that trailer as computer desktop wallpaper for quite a while.

In part it was of course because Satele was exactly like my... *cough* *swallow spoiler* *cough* was so much like my main character in Knights of the Old Republic. Double Blade Lightsaber. Swift, fast, agile, putting mobility and agility above defence. I must say that I was seriously disappointed when I was invited in the last few betas and had to notice that a Jedi Shadow didn't have that kinda look and feel. Rather set back, long robes...

I also liked that personal touch in the last scene.

Alright, it was somewhat stupid of the troopers to engage an enemy equipped with lightsabers by giving up their tactical superior position on that ledge, and while I found it a bit exaggerated that Malgus remains virtually untouched by direct hits of an assault cannon and a thermal detonator blowing up in his hand, but that's just how this game works. You can shoot with all kinds of crap for hours at a Juggernaut tank before he has to deal with the somewhat unpleasant environment...

Satele absorbing a lightsaber blade was... a border case - at least she has to focus on it and seems to have a hard time doing so - and it kind of reminds of Darth Vader absorbing Han's blaster bolts and it's a good idea - nothing a first time beholder would have expected. But still somewhat exaggerated.