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I'd expect Season 1 to be worked on right after longer standind requests like chat bubbles, sitting on all chairs, and other long-promised basic features before that, though.

Yeah, we all know PVPers and PVEers usually cry the loudest, but socializers and roleplayers have had to take a back seat and waited patiently for way too long. It's time they get some love.
I have no issues with something like the above getting some much deserved attention, as I do understand there are several aspects of gameplay that synergize with this game. I know this has been a hot topic for quite some time, and would be fine if the Development team got to work on it. I won't debate timetables compared to other gameplay aspects, but I do agree this is something that is needed IG for your aspect that has been a popular request. Hopefully everyones aspect gets the attention it needs soon.
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