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how are ideas like this bad?
It depends on the idea and the person.. I think chat bubbles are a bad idea.. I fail to understand the concept that chat looking like comic strip adds to immersion.. But that is me.. I just hope they make an option to turn it off.. Otherwise the majority of the gaming community is going to be upset..

I have seen player housing on SWG.. Essentially it is an education on the slums.. Empty houses just littering the landscape.. Who wants to look at that?? There is just absolutely no need for player housing like that when there are much better alternatives.. Like your ship..

Another idea that has been brought up is instanced housing.. Similar to how our ships hangers work.. We would be instanced into our own little apartment type place on our capital world.. No world space required.. I'm sorry.. I for one don't want the landscape littered with player housing.. It is just a bad idea.. I am not alone in this..

So.. That is how ideas like this are bad..
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