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My forum name is not my email that can be hacked and used to retreive my password.
Oh, sure, how about people who still use such antiquated technology as e-mail clients that download and then delete your e-mails from the server? So even if someone hacks your e-mail account on one of 28 days of the month when Bioware doesn't send notifications that your account was billed or something, he still won't have anything. That and is it so hard to google your very public display name and connect it to an e-mail? Also, if your e-mail gets hacked, BioWare helpfully refers to you by display name in all personal messages like Cartel Coin purchase confirmations. So, if anything, it only makes it easier to target specific players.
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This is a really stupid change. Using e-mail as login was a bad idea - but this is worse. There should be a separate login ID that is different from display name.


And the response from BW makes me /facepalm
Yeah, pretty much that. Other games do have that, so what's the problem here?