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It is tempting to give Phillip Holmes the benefit of the doubt, in matters of computer security. He does have an adequate security background.

Phillip Holmes (impressive public record) LinkedIn -

But then he showed favor to 'doing security on the cheap.'

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So in case you haven't come across me before (most haven't!), I'm Phillip Holmes, the Senior Manager of Security here at Star Wars: The Old Republic.

We did look at using a secondary 'login only' display name, but sadly this would create more confusion and increase costs associated with support of the new system rather than decrease existing support costs .
Sony did that in 2011. And the repercussions continue.

Well, we'll see if anything happens in the next few months.

Casual computer users might find this article of interest.

Kill the Password: Why a String of Characters Canít Protect Us Anymore
MAT HONAN, 11.15.12

And keeping a low Internet profile helps.

It takes a village to kill a password
John Fontana, February 21, 2013

"Or were passwords stolen from Twitter or any number of other* repositories hacked in the past 24 months or so (LinkedIn,Facebook, Apple, Zappos, Sony) the source of the passwords?"



"What's in YOUR wallet?"