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For my Consular? Oh, I would have loved to have Daddy Grell as a guest star party member for a mission. Great guy. Republic needed more like him. Also wouldn't mind teaming up with Ambassador Asara from the Esseles run for a while. She'd make a pretty good teammate for a less-than-Light 5 Consular. And Gaden-Ko. Wow. I TOTALLY wanted this guy in my party. Sure, kid. Your vision said "see the galaxy." I'll take you everywhere and you can judge us for yourself. (He'd probably be a high light as far as alignment)

I haven't gone too far with my Bounty Hunter, but so far I'm not meeting much of anyone I even like, much less want aboard my ship. So far, it's Mako and me against the bigoted, Sith-dominated cesspit that is Imperial space. Crysta, though, is making me want to start learning the Resol'nare. The Mando'ade are complete di'kute for being Sith spear-carriers for a third time over, but they respect fighters regardless of species and they don't fawn over the saber-swingers. I'd be glad to join her crew.
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