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03.05.2013 , 04:20 PM | #131
So allowing everyone to read my login name is security? I have an e-mail address I use EXCLUSIVELY for SWTOR, this because that is the safest way, people needing to aquire both in some way to gain access. It also tells me when BW/EA pull the same crap another company did with account information (Still getting bogus and possibly real spam from that company that sold my account after 1 year when I cancelled the entire account).

So no, this does not make things more secure. Not buying any claims of steps being taken to make it more secure again, you're showing people who we are, half the player chosen login information. I also use a security key, so that gives me some security, but telling the whole world my login name does not provide more security as they now need less to gain access. Don't have 100% faith in the security key as it is, but now I NEED it in case someone makes a really lucky password guess. Used to be they needed a really lucky e-mail guess as well, they can already skip those now.

There should at least be a login name and a display name as 2 fields, allowed to be the same, but not advised to. Using that login name over the display name and then not allowing e-mail address is the only way to give some security in the way you appearantly intend it.

Used to say E-mail or Display name for free players and just E-mail for subscribers I think. Not sure what the reason behind that was, but I feel that was way better.