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No, I read that. Basically what he is saying there is that while that would be more secure they're really more interested in cutting costs than increasing security. So, this whole explanation of this will increase our security is still absolute ********.

You are over-looking a key aspect of the hacker mindset. They want lowhanging fruit.

Emails are the number one thing that MMO hackers work hard to accumulate. Not just because they can sometimes get passwords with them, but because they are great for phishing. The point being that it is email addresses that todays hackers are after, NOT forum handles. That might change down the road when/if all the MMO stop using emails as login handles, but until then.... there is little to no risk that some hacker team is going to go after SWTOR forum handles and try to then brute force them. The organized hackers don't brute force things, there is plenty of stupid internet users to harvest such that they don't have to work that hard. There are simply easier prey out on the internet then for them to chip teeth on SWTOR, which to the best of my knowledge as been free from mass hacker scandles (unlike some other popular MMOs).
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