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03.05.2013 , 04:08 PM | #9
If you have crafting purely as a revenue stream, then yes you have taken a hit.

For me, crafting is about making armouring, mods, enhancements, ear pieces and implants for my alts and companions as I level them.

Levelling in this game is rather easy, putting all blue mods into armour for alts and companions makes levelling so simple its actually to easy.

My first three level 50's I used whatever gear dropped and what I could buy cheap on the GTN. Which generally meant I was up to 5 levels behind in gear on average. Since I levelled all crafting professions and make all my own gear I cant believe how much of a difference it makes to levelling.

I do top end raiding weekly and have BiS on my raiding toon. I really couldn't care that I can craft BiS gear and I will never pay for it off the GTN because of the ridiculous prices.

I personally think that crafting BiS devalues the gear because guilds get the schemas and very soon the BiS gear is everywhere. Making BiS only obtainable by doing the end game content I think gives the gear more value.