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I notice that you purposely avoided answering the most logical way to make our accounts more secure, my suggestion to have us all create New Unique Account Names, instead of using names that can be easily gleaned off any forum we use.

I myself play many Online Games and use many forums and I use the same Display Name (aka. Forum Handle) in all of them. Using that as my login is not a more secure way of doing anything. What kind of "Security Expert" can ignore that simple logic?

Read more carefully, mate:

Quote: Originally Posted by Phillip_BW View Post
We did look at using a secondary 'login only' display name, but sadly this would create more confusion and increase costs associated with support of the new system rather than decrease existing support costs. And again, I stress that knowledge of the Display Name in of itself is not a security measure - we have many other controls in place to mitigate that knowledge.
Major props to Phillip for taking the time to address these concerns. I wasn't too worried before and I'm certainly not worried now.
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