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03.05.2013 , 10:09 AM | #1
Dear Customer Service

I have an issue i'd like to adress concerning my frame rates, in game they jump from 0,4 to 110. I check it using the shift+ctrl+F button. Even in loadingscreen it jumps randomly from low to very high. But when I play pvp, its a nightmare just a few seconds before im surrounded and getting killed like in this video:

I've tried downloading the DirectX 9.0c for the missing files via the youtube link, with no luck.

Im running this gamercomputer with these digits: (its precisely that one)
So I really should be fine running the game on medium graphics, but even on very low, the FPS jumping is the same.

Iv'e even tried what the Swtor gamemaster says in this link:
With no luck :-( (Driver updates, Clean installed the new drivers, updated all there is to update via webpages... etc.)

And im running with the Razer Gamebooster, to shut down my background programs

Here is my Dxdiag:

I really hope you can help me
Yours Nazaya