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03.04.2013 , 07:58 PM | #106
Just as a comment, I do appreciate this level of discourse.

I think I should clarify the point I made about HE vs EVERYONE getting the 20%.

When I did my own personal logging of tests, my end result after >600 samples was, as I recall, ~19% for the green-blue and ~11% for the blue-purple.

So my tests came up with a very different result than Darth_Sweets. Here are some of the possible conclusions that can be drawn:

1. Between the time of my test and Darth_Sweets' test, the underlying RNG code changed.
2. My test contained innacurate raw data.
3. His test contained innacurate raw data.
4. One test or the other (or both) contained insufficient data to draw a conclusion.