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Hey thanks for the reply...! I currently play on 'HARBINGER' which is 'PVE' out here in Los Angeles. ...
ANY input / tips you may have for me regarding 'how' to go about establishing / finding a group who thinks alike and actually 'behaves' in a sane manner would be GREATLY appreciated. I'd REALLY like to find / build a group to play with so I can get into flashpoints and missions.

Thanks again.
I think the only way you'll really find a regular group to play with is by joining a guild. I know you mentioned that you're in a guild already and they haven't been as helpful as you'd like, so maybe it's time to look around and see if another guild might be a better fit for you?

You could try posting on your server forums (, and also check for any recruitment posts that emphasise a helpful and welcoming environment for new players. If any guilds look promising, have a chat with the recruiters and let them know what sort of guild you're looking for.

You do need to be careful not to come across as being too "needy" when having these conversations, and that also applies if you do find a new guild. I understand that you're new to all this MMO stuff, but remember that the other players are here to have fun too, and they have their own things they want to do during their playtime. Many people will be happy to help with advice and the odd group, but you need to be a bit self-sufficient too - it's very easy to cross the line and get a bit stalker-ish