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03.04.2013 , 12:36 PM | #9
Hey thanks for the reply...! I currently play on 'HARBINGER' which is 'PVE' out here in Los Angeles. I'd REALLY like to play PVP but I know from the one single OP I did in PVP that I'm just not skilled enough yet to succeed [I died within 20 seconds each time I respawned....Ha ha. I can already tell that once I manage to figure out / evolve my own particular 'style' of 'control / aim / game play......I'll REALLY do well and have fun. Currently, I'm still trying to find the best peripherals for my hand size / play style. Luckily I can 'afford' to burn a little money buying products and testing them out. There's no way in hell I can make use of a mouse with 15--25 buttons, UNLESS they are placed exactly where I would naturally 'use' them.....which....thus far, the ONLY mouse which had managed to do this is the 'Thermaltake e-sports level 10' mouse made in partnership with BMW's adavnced design team. I'm also just now trying out the 'Razer Orbweaver Game Pad', as well as the 'Gaming Glove' which is set to arrive tomorrow. The glove 'seems' like it just might be a viable option for me, but perhaps the Orbweaver will be the right controller. All I know is that a 'keyboard' doesn't 'seem' to do it for me. The buttons are just too damned close together for me to attain proper control. What are your thoughts on these peripherals that I am now set to use....????

Thanks for your input even if kinda brief though it may be. Yes...I finally figured out how to scan for 'nodes'. But I'm still having trouble with play style / control of character. I guess this just takes time....???? It's kinda frustrating not to be able to make the character 'do' what I want him to do WHEN I want him to do it.

ANY input / tips you may have for me regarding 'how' to go about establishing / finding a group who thinks alike and actually 'behaves' in a sane manner would be GREATLY appreciated. I'd REALLY like to find / build a group to play with so I can get into flashpoints and missions.

Thanks again.