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03.03.2013 , 06:03 PM | #1
I think while the pts is up we should consider the removal of the ability to use Field Respec inside of warzones, especially ranked warzones. This essentially turns most civil wars and voidstars into pound your head against the wall fights with nothing but healers and tanks on the team who is winning/defending. Removal of this would imo both make ranked group compositions more diverse and make the game more fun during ranked. Would like to hear if people believe removal of this feature from warzones would be a good idea. Could also look into only removing the ability from ranked and not in normal warzones.

Unfortunately I believe in huttball this could be exploited and people could have one person join and then see what warzone it is then have everyone respec. This could be avoided by having respecing disabled as soon as a ranked queue pops.