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Quote: Originally Posted by DarthScruffy View Post
Rip out the Rakata Mods, Armoring enhancements, rip out the BH mods,armoring, enhancements and put the BH stuff in the Rakata shell. Instant bonus.
Well there is no need spend credits to rip out the Rakata mods, if you are not going to use them. Just rip out the Black Hole mods, armorings and enhancements and put them into your rakata shells overwriting the old mods in there.
And you only need to do this for 4 pieces of gear to keep the set bonus.

Generally for most classes you want to keep set bonus.

Also you will have to do a lot of mod ripping anyway to fully optimize your gear.
Sometimes people buy the same black hole gloves 3 times, just to take one enhancement from it to put into some other piece of gear, while ditching the other components.