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Hello Everyone. Let me first say that this is my first MMO and I'm truly thankful to have finally taken the plunge...especially since it's STAR WARS. I am, however, COMPLETELY and UTTERLY overwhelmed in certain area's and am having GREAT difficulty learning 1. How to use my crew skills, and 2. How to employ crew skills with my 1st character so as to benefit all of my Future characters....? I would actually be willing to PAY someone through paypal to serve as a consultant via emails if ONLY in order to gain a grasp of the various workings of the game.

Please excuse my ignorance if I am entering this in the 'wrong' area of the forum. For instance, at level 33 Sith Marauder, I am still not sure how to 'scan' defeated droids or open safes or hack computer terminals for materials...? Also, I have NO clue how to 'sell' a mission on the GTN. Realize in advance that I am in my fifties, a retired competive endurance athlete and artiste who, though old in body, alas, is still very much kick *** in mind and spirit. .............Can anyone point me in the right direction as such to find a one on one way to connect with a master player or group....? My guild seems not to have any patience for actively doing what it takes to help me actually LEARN how to truly play the game for all its worth. I especially want to start using my crew skills to start accruing wealth for future distribution to my future legacy. Believe it or not, I have only done a singl flash point and find that the players are not really behaving in a militaristic fashion but only seem to run around chaotically with ZERO interest in behaving in a true tactical manner.. [ I was actually a battle feild analyst when I was in my early twenties]. Is this the way it is...? Is this the way 'war zones' are....? Pure chaos with zero attention to 'realistic' strategic behavior....? First and foremost, Please, somebody, help me get a grip on how to begin to use and strategize my crew for gathering and crafting for profit. And if anyone knows of anyplace where I can get one on one attention, PLEASE let me know. I learn slow, but one I learn something I usually 'go pro', and right now, I'm a bumbling ignoramous.

Thanx in advance. - Sa'Umyazza [lvl 33 Sith Marauder / Carnage]
Ilike when groups actually think of what each player can bring to the table but in low level flashpoints their are allot of new players that dont know and allot of alts who are fully geared for their level that feel it is just faster to plow through the flash point than to wait for tactics.

If you have the correct skill then just place your mouse pointer over the droid/computer and you will see the pointer change icons, if it is grey then you are out of range or do not have enough skill if it is gold just right click.

What server do you play on?