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EDIT: And yes, I also want a proper martial artist class. No (visible) Force to speak of, minimal to nonexistent tech. High mobility, high control, high avoidance.
I'm designing them as Tech using class with most of the "Tech" powers explained as simply special attacks (like how Stockstrike is a Tech attack, even though you're literally beating someone with a rifle) and a few that are best explained as being modified functionality of the Generator/Shield (in the Echani backstory, they're actually massively fond of personal shield generators and were experts at both crafting and using them; as I see it, that means that they could enable their Generator to emit a piercing sympathetic screech and shockwave when they issue a battle cry or let loose with subsonic tremors and energy pulses when they land or need to catapult themselves away).

They're definitely high mobility (giving them a leap plus some other interesting goodies specific to each AC) but their control isn't really substantially higher than any other classes (I don't think I gave them a hard CC, so they would have soft CC, like a Scoundrels or Vanguards, where it's a series of low-ish CD stuns, slows, etc.). As for mitigation/avoidance, both ACs are in medium armor and have a base 10% Defense chance (so they've got good avoidance "standard") and one of the ACs is tank capable (I designed it to be like a compromise between Guardians and Shadows: lots of active mitigation with a distributed mitigation profile that focuses slightly heavier on Defense than Shield or Absorb). The people I've shown it to have given me very favorable reviews of it, though I'm pretty sure I'll have to revisit the trees as well as the mitigation math when 2.0 actually lands (since it's all kinds of screwing up the DR curves and whatnot).
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