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Check the 2.0 patch notes up on the PTS ,

Lost Island is getting a nerf to bring it more in line with the Teir 1 hardmodes,

EC and TFB story modes are being added to the GF tool on story mode.

TFB being a level 55 ops on the GF tool, ec 51 to 54. plus they are getting better gear drops,
I checked 2.0. notes. Still we won't get HM OPs and I think it would be cool to have this option.

one a side note I am always wondering why everyone says skill check when truth is skill check would be a test of the player not a check of what gear the player has.. these are not linked together. I have seen plenty of smart dps in low level gear in other MMO easily out dps a better geared dps same spec and class, because they are more "skilled" and not being carried by others.
I just named it "skill check", but maybe it's not very accurate. What I meant is that it would make random groups better, if a player knew the FP and wasn't surpised by its content. As for the gear checking - it would be nice to exclude extremes. Whilst I agree with what you wrote, I can't see someone in green lvl 50 gear doing LI HM, even if he's very skilled.

My opinion on (2) is that it's easily solved by a couple of steps.

Do not assume everyone has run your FP/OP Before: Remember, all of us have had to run an FP or OP for the first time at some point. Last week was my first time tanking Directive 7. I've still never run LI HM or any OP aside from EV. Simply put, if you don't begin from assuming everyone will know the FP, you can avoid problems.
--Corrolary: Do not assume, ever, that even if someone has done an FP before, that they've done a speed run of it before.

Check at the start: We have a chat interface. Spending a minute or two to ask two simple questions can save a group of lot of hassle. "Has everyone done this before?" and, "Speed or full run?"

Take a few minutes to plan at bosses: This is something the awesome PUG I had for EV did. We had a couple people who knew the Op really, really, really well, and a couple of us we n00bs. To be fair, we might have watched or read about them beforehand. The de facto Op leader took a few minutes before to ask before major fights, "Does everyone know this one?" Even a vet sometimes needed a refresher on mechanics.

Honestly, a lot of issues with things like that can be solved by patience, and importantly, not mocking your group members. Even if asking a couple questions of your group takes no more than 2 minutes, you can likely save yourself a lot of headache.
Oh, I'm very patient when it comes to people new to FP or OP and I'm very happy to explain everything to them. The problem is most of players are not and everything ends quickly with rage quits and calling everyone a noob. Doing FPs and OPs using GF is one of the main parts of endgame PVE farm in SWTOR. Now noone does full runs, noone will even ask about it. It is usually expected from players to know what to do and hence this frustration when someone's new and screws up. I agree with you, that nobody should assume that player knows FP or OP, but this will never happen. People always have expectations and when they aren't met...well, people get angry
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